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World Humanist Day: how did your celebration go?

World Humanist Day is always on the 21st of June – the longest day of the year.

A small but happy band of humanists celebrating World Humanist Day on the beach at Poole, Dorset

For some years now this date has slipped by unnoticed, but this year Dorset Humanists got their act together and included it in their already busy programme. We lured over a dozen of our members down to the beach, where we enjoyed a picnic and some varied chat on all manner of subjects, with a few of us even taking a quick swim before the sun set.

'The event went really well – we'll definitely add this as a regular feature of our summer programme'. David Warden, Chair of Dorset Humanists

The original aim was to utilise the Council's electric barbecues, promoting both the green energy agenda and an environmentally-friendly and smoke-free meal, but due to a maintenance problem these were out of action until the last moment. But we still enjoyed a great evening with alternatives nibbles. Bournemouth has been working to clean up self-catering on the beach as often, in the summer, disposable barbecues are either left on the beach, buried in the sand or discarded into the bins whilst still hot.

Did you celebrate World Humanist Day this year? Do let us know what your group got up to.

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