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Our publication was circulated initially through our local Humanist groups. However, some groups had mailing lists, others did not, and as a consequence we now have only a limited knowledge of who our readers are.  Therefore we would be very grateful if you would subscribe to us directly, which in addition to helping us know who our readers are, this will also include you in our occasional prize draws and giveaways.


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Our magazine is free, as we want it to have a wide reach and not be limited by affordability. However, we do have costs to cover, this website being one, plus we have other projects that we would like to participate in.

We are encouraging people to donate from £1 per month via a Standing Order, so that we have a regular income stream to help fund these projects. Of course we are just starting our activities in the projects area, our reach continuing to be cramped by the Covid pandemic, so we would very much welcome some large donations to help get us started. 

Where do we incur our costs?

  • Our 'Values' booklet - we want to place this in prisons, hospitals, colleges and universities witihn our network

  • Technology upgrades - our volunteers are in desperate need of upgraded technology to support creation of this magazine

  • Website costs - to facilitate our reach we are using both social media and a dedicated website

  • Assisting in the future growth of Humanist groups

  • Prize giveaways

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         Account name               Humanistically Speaking

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