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It is ironic that even after the huge social upheavals that have taken place on the long road towards democracy over the past 200 years, the same privileged wealthy class still seem to be in charge. Events throughout history have taught us that putting democracy into practice is so subtle and complex, that not even Humanistically Speaking can address every aspect in a single issue. But it is looking increasingly likely that we may have to strip it all down and start again.


Ideas about what a working democracy is, are many and varied, and even the views of the editors differ – so we would really like to know what you think? Whether there is scope to improve our British version? … and is there anywhere in the world where you think there exists an improved working example of a democracy?


We look forward to reading your views with anticipation …

Grayling challenges the idea that we enjoy true democracy, and questions whether we even have a democracy. Amelie's and Maggie’s insights offer two more fascinating perspectives on this subject, whilst Ronnie addresses apparent apathy amongst the young. Aaron’s article is filled with statistics and information about the state of democracies throughout the world, whilst David Warden discusses the monarchy, and makes some interesting observations about a chap called Capel Lofft  (I’d never heard of him either) and later on he makes some challenging observations about my interview with Grayling and his latest book.


But with all this, if the current first past the post system works so well, and to the advantage of (what is in fact) a minority interest, those within the parliamentary system are hardly likely to want to change a system that keeps them there.  And if the current system works contrary to the interests of the rest of us, how are we going to put a new order in place through the very system we want to discard?


The questions are easy. The answers are much, much more difficult.

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