Humanism is about tolerance, kindness, knowledge and friendship, and although Humanistically Speaking is for Humanists, it is there for everyone to read, enjoy, and contribute, regardless of faith or belief.

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December is traditionally a time when we relax with a drink and reflect by a warm fire, gazing at pretty lights. But that's only tradition folks, and Humanistically Speaking has lost none of its grit! 2021 has been a busy year, but it has also been a worthwhile and exciting journey. Moreover, as we approach our third year it is clear that there will be no let up quite the contrary and new initiatives, and surprises for our readers, are guaranteed as the adventure of 2022 unfolds.

This issue addresses our relationship with non-human animals. How we treat them, how we love them, and how important they are to our lives. But we also eat them, work them, experiment on them and as a species we have a record of cruelty and indifference to their suffering. Some of the reports here raise some uncomfortable questions, and make me reflect, at least, more on what we are as humans , rather than our fellow creatures. I must thank Dr Penny Morgan, Jamie Woodhouse, Emeritus Professor Norman MacLean, Roger Heppleston and Megan Manson for their outstanding contributions.

I would also like to take this end of year opportunity to thank regular editors, David, Aaron, Maggie, Paul, John and Alex, for their unwavering enthusiasm and hard work, plus those behind the scenes folk, like Sean and Phil unsung heroes maybe but without whom Humanistically Speaking simply could not exist in the form it is today. I have been awed by everyone's willingness and engagement in this project, and for me it has truly been an inspiration and an honour to work alongside you. Thank you.

And thank you , dear reader, for your kind words, your positive engagement with us, and your donations. It is you that has inspired us, and you that is enabling us to move on to ever more ambitious projects. Nevertheless, if you haven't yet donated, but would like to, please donate to:

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Your year end contributions will enable us to make ever greater strides in the cause of Humanism. But for the meantime, on behalf of the team, we wish you all a joyful solstice, and a happy new year!

David Brittain

Executive Editor

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