Humanism is about tolerance, kindness, knowledge and friendship, and although Humanistically Speaking is for Humanists, it is there for everyone to read, enjoy, and contribute, regardless of faith or belief.

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We at Humanistically Speaking hope you have had a happy
winter festival. You’ll notice that we have decided to start this
brand New Year with a fresh look on our front page. I hope you
like the new livery please tell us what you think!

This issue opens with an update on Dorset Humanists’ choir,
followed by a report from the SCEHN network’s Chair, Anthony
Lewis, who describes the benefits of Humanist groups getting
together to form self help networks.


But this issue deals primarily with humanist perspectives on war, and there is a fascinating article from Simon Whipple who was an officer in the Falklands War, plus a report on the experiences of a Christian chaplain in the army (there are no Humanist chaplains in the British forces yet).

There are also some truly outstanding observations from
Professor Richard Norman, Stephen Pinker, and a fascinating
recorded interview with Air Vice Marshall Rich Maddison, who is the Humanist Champion of the British Armed Forces.


But there are also some outstanding articles from Paul Ewans about conscientious objectors, and Maggie Hall detailing the peace making role women have played, including withholding sex until their men negotiated for peace examples of which are more common than I ever thought!

But there is so much more in this issue, including the first of
what will be a series of articles about the struggles that
Humanists in Africa have experienced against ignorance,
prejudice, superstition and violence so Lynda Tilley’s article is
a must read at page 9. The overseas theme will be ongoing,
so if anyone would like to write about Humanism elsewhere in
the world, we would love to hear from you!

Added to all this, are our usual regular articles, ranging from
Dear Darwin to Readers’ Responses to Alex Williams’ Poets
. Overall, I have been enthralled, informed, inspired
and sometimes moved, by some of these articles. So I am
happy, and privileged, to report that Humanistically Speaking is
still getting better, and this month’s issue is, quite simply, the
best yet. Happy New Year!

David Brittain

Executive Editor

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