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Climate change is probably the most important issue that human civilisation has ever confronted and I find it deeply frustrating that governments around the world still seem to be more concerned about endless economic growth, or winning the next election, or indulging the oil industry with subsidies.

Our government is not the worst offender, but I am frankly dismayed that we are presented with post-Brexit proposals for
trade deals with the USA, South America, and Australia for food supplies when Europe can supply our needs without our having to go vast distances. Buying locally, and only what you need, is at the top of Aaron’s Climate Change Toolkit on page 27. I’m encouraged and inspired, however, by young humanists like Javan Lev Poblador from the Philippines who are taking a lead in demanding action Javan’s report appears on page 13.


My interview with Greenpeace director Peter Newell was also very instructive, but concerning. Finding a balance between the demands of growing economies and climate change will be very difficult, and yet there remains a range of different opinions and responses. Our editors offer their own perspectives, as well as guest writer Cath Sutherland on what she proposes to call ‘Eco humanism’

It seems clear that the most developed societies, and indeed the wealthiest tier within those societies, will have to give the most. But such people have the most political influence. How are we going to persuade businesses in Brazil to stop destroying the rainforests? How are we going to persuade the super rich to dump their private jets? It’s going to be tough, but I hope we are not left with vague objectives and pacifying platitudes for the media It is far, far too serious for that.

On a more upbeat note, our resident poet Alex Williams has
recited his own poems, and a new recording will be released in
Humanistically Speaking every month from now on. We have
also found a way of reviving Adolf Hitler, who challenges Mr
Darwin on eugenics. Can’t wait to read what he says? Then
read on ...

David Brittain

Executive Editor

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The interview with Peter Newell "Climate Change and Governments: A Specialists Perspective for COP26 " can be found on YouTube here