Humanism is about tolerance, kindness, knowledge and friendship, and although Humanistically Speaking is for Humanists, it is there for everyone to read, enjoy, and contribute, regardless of faith or belief.

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This is perhaps the first monthly issue of Humanistically
Speaking at what we hope will be the beginning of the end of
Covid at least as a runaway pandemic. It’s been a tough period for everyone. During the past eighteen months or so humanist groups have reacted in very different ways, and as you will see, Humanist UK’s Director of Community Services, Teddy Prout, offers his advice in a recorded interview.

But with all this, we cannot ignore the pain of recent world events, and we have all seen the tragedy unfolding with the latest bloody chapter in the ongoing Arab/Israeli conflict. Maggie Hall puts a very Humanist perspective on these events. She raises the question of how and why we must try to resist the temptation to regard people from different cultures as ‘the other’. If we cannot get over this tendency to separate ourselves into different identities with no
recognition of our common humanity, the outcome will not
only be tragic, but forever.


To many Humanists it must seem so odd that after two thousand years of the major Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) they don' seem to have gone much beyond lip service when it comes to ending human conflict.

Coming back to more practical matters, our first dip into
advertising is shown at page 17. We are learning as we go along, but we hope it will be a success and grow. No one will be happier than me if we can one day earn our keep rather than depend on donations, so please do think about advertising with us.

There are too many excellent articles in this issue to mention
them all here, so I’m afraid you will just have to find them
yourself, but Amelie relates Humanism to the stage, and Lily
Berrell shares with us her route to Humanism through her
father, who tragically passed away less than a year ago.


As Humanists, we naturally look to the young, and I think to
myself, that with people like Lily, Amelie and Ronnie in our
team, and indeed, in the world, there is hope and inspiration
for us all.

​​​David Brittain

Executive Editor

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My interview with Teddy Prout can be viewed here

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