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Welcome to our magazine page for Humanistically Speaking


If you go right back to the beginning you can see the journey taken in our first year, where unexpectedly a pandemic landed on us all. But this didn't hold us back. We diversified and rather than being "just" a news outlet for events from our network groups, we have grown way beyond that. We stretched our legs to over thirty pages, and went to a smaller, more readable monthly magazine. Did we get it right? Why not tell us? 

As Humanists we learn, we evolve and we change with the times. As normality returns there may well be additional focus given to events from groups, sharing their thoughts on what works and what doesn't. Stick with us and grow as we grow.

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July 2021

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Features this month

        Leo Igwe interview

        FGM and MGM

        Humanist Schools in Uganda

        Humanism and the EU

        Israel-Palestine conflict

        Asylum seekers

        Murder in Pakistan

        Atlas Hugged book review

        Your letters and emails

        Poets Corner

        The Golden Rule


June 2021

June 2021

Features this month

        Teddy Prout interview

        Dawkins affair response

        Introducing Lily

        Ideas for group activities

        "The Other" Thought for the day

        A day in the life ...

        Bill Gates book review



May 2021

Features this month

        Chris Stringer interview

        Richard Dawkins loses AHA award

        Dying Matters Week

        Dear Darwin

        Thought for the Day

        Maggie's Musings

        Evolution book review

        Your letters and emails



April 2021

Features this month

        Professor A C Grayling interview

        Young people and politics

        Equity vs Equality

        The dark world of lobbying


        Protest during lockdown

       The British monarchy



March 2021

Features this month

        Maryam Namazie interview

        Brief history of Feminism

        Feminism in Sci-Fi

        Sex workers

        Your emails

        Book review



February 2021

Features this month

        Interviewing Simon Bligh


        When evolution goes bad

        Theistic evolution

         In the Navy

         LGBT+ History month

         Nature, nurture, neither?

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January 2021

Features this month

        Interviewing the CEO

        Being a veggie

        Life after death with Maggie

        Cats and the meaning of life

         Another book giveaway

         The Boris bunch



December 2020

Features this month

       Humanist climate action

       Should we go a-carolling?

       Why I don't do Christmas

       Humanism in action

       SACRE volunteer

       Annual review



October 2020

Features this month

       For and against

       A day in the life

       Dear Darwin

       Chair's interview

       Thought for the day

       Lockdown laughs

       Letters and emails



August  2020

New features this month

       Black lives matter

       For and against

       A day in the life

       Nuclear power


June  2020

New features this month

       Global humanism

       Humanist courses

       Healthy humanists



April  2020

New features this month

       Humanists undefeated

       Time to use your time

       The Chair's interview - Maggie Hall

       Those were the days

        Equality and diversity


January 2020

New features this month

       The Chair's interview

       Groups signed up

       News and announcements