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Getting in touch

We love hearing from all our readers, so why not drop us a message, an email or subscribe and login and write us a comment directly under the article.


We are a team of volunteer editors covering a wide range of ages, skills and background, and thus cover a large scope, but we also invite guest submissions on subjects in which you may be interested. Do you have an interesting piece, your own original work, around 800 words, ideally with an original image or two?


For article submissions feel free to attach a Word document or text document to an email and send to

If you are responding to a specific section of the magazine, please include one of the following in the subject line of your email:

  • Thought for the Day topic

  • Response to an article

  • General enquiry

  • New article

​Articles in Humanistically Speaking are original content, we don't accept work that is just shared from somewhere else, we leave sharing to social media.


Topics are the thoughts, opinions and research of either our editors and/or guests we have interviewed. They may conform to the wider humanist view, or they may be just a view we are exploring to see what we all feel about it.


Don't agree with a line of thought? Why not tell us?


Email responses for our letters page may be condensed due to space constraints. We will try and include as many as space allows, with occasional "reply specials" where more space might feature specialist topic comments. 


Feel free to forward our magazine to your members, Humanists and friends. If you wish to reproduce articles in your own work please message us. We will likely be fine with this with a credit and reference to Humanistically Speaking, but do ask first please.


Our editors are volunteers. They do not get paid, and they do this because they enjoy it.  Although not professional journalists we all share a passion to drive Humanism forward with its concepts, values, rational thinking and science driven approach. We invite responses that hold both a critical eye and a compassionate heart. We are all human.

Thank you for reading our work.

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