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" We won’t all come up with the same list of values. But we seem already to have a plausible list of values which many people would accept – kindness, consideration, peace, love, cooperation, honesty, loyalty, fairness, mutual respect and tolerance. The list may even seem obvious. If it does, that is all to the good, for it bears out one of the most basic tenets of humanism – that there are shared human values." 


Richard Norman, Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Kent, and Vice-President

of Humanists UK. Quoted in The Little Book of Humanism (2020) by Andrew Copson and Alice Roberts.

Our Values

Our values are explained and discussed in a small booklet, in PDF format,  titled 'From Atheism to Humanism' written and created exclusively by Humanistically Speaking. Click on the booklet to download. 

This booklet also contains a suggested reading list of other Humanist books and publications, many of which are authored by critically acclaimed world class thinkers within their own right.

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Humanist Values

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