Our editorial team comprises humanist volunteers from various stages of life and different backgrounds,

from teenagers to grandparents, students to working people and retirees.


They all give willingly of their time and talents because they are enthusiastic humanists, keen to raise

awareness and understanding of humanism and to promote interest in the humanist approach to life.

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David Brittain

Executive Editor

I wanted a regional “general-interest-to-humanists" magazine that might be big enough to have a decent readership, but still able to report on local humanists, and local initiatives. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our new team, Humanistically Speaking was effectively born on  the 1st January 2020. 


David Warden

Copy Editor

I’m Chair of Dorset Humanists, Council Member for SCEHN, and an Honorary Member of Humanists UK. Humanistically Speaking is a lively new grassroots magazine which aims to fill the gap between individual group newsletters and national publications. Connecting humanist groups and raising awareness. 

Aaron Darkwood 4.png

Aaron Darkwood

Design and Layout Editor

I aim to bring our storybook of words alive and make it visually appealing with graphics, images and some stylish design tinkering. I’m based in Dorset and have interests in fitness, outdoors, military, and psychology. I have thus far written a number of articles and have an overall aim of growing Humanism.

Maggie Hall 3.png

Maggie Hall


I am a volunteer school speaker and a retired Teacher of Speech and Drama with a life-long interest in the power of the spoken and the written word and a very annoying tendency toward grammar pedantry. 

John Coss.jpg

John Coss


I’m Vice-chair of Stockport Humanists and  was Secretary of Greater Manchester Humanists 2007-2015. I hope to provide some input to Humanistically Speaking from outside its region of origin, and contribute to its ongoing development as a lively and topical Humanist magazine of interest to both local groups and those who are not members of a group.


Lynda Tilley


I was born in Zimbabwe, have lived most of my adult life in Tanzania, and currently live in South Africa.


I'm a founding member of "United African Humanists" - a group comprised of Humanist leaders from 9 African countries, who are  working together to solve Africa wide issues, with a vision one day, of a secular continent.  I'm also on the Advisory Board Africa for "Humanists Global Charity", my main country is Uganda.

Outside of my Humanist work I'm a freelance writer, mother of two wonderful teenage children, and we all share a home filled with rescued cats and dogs! 

Paul Ewans Photo.JPG

Paul Ewans


I am  a member of Humanists International, a Trustee of the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust and consider myself to be a Citizen of the World. When not struggling with ethical questions I spend my time learning about the history of progressive causes and growing vegetables.


Penny Morgan


I'm a retired zoologist who specialised in bird behaviour, and took a post-retirement law degree. Now, I try to write thrillers with an animal welfare theme. I live in hope these will become best-sellers and turned into films.I love planting trees - you can never have enough.I feel passionately that conservation of biodiversity is the only way to save the planet.

Alex Williams.jpg

Alex Williams

Poet in Residence

Alex Williams is a singer, writer, actor and director. He organises and hosts The Dial Up Open Mic events, providing a much-loved platform for people to celebrate community and creativity in all its forms.