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To provide an entertaining news and views platform for Humanists everywhere that serves a bigger community than individual groups, but is local and friendly in style.

To further enable and encourage good communication and improved understanding between Humanists and the community at large. Humanistically Speaking will always be a Humanist magazine, but it is there for everyone.

To offer a mouthpiece and means of open expression for Humanists and non-humanists alike, and to address the wider social issues that Humanists care about.

To enable Humanist groups and Humanist group members to interact, and communicate on a wider platform through the submission of articles on a given topic, or raising a specific issue.

To support Humanist UK in its campaigns, and to inform government at Town, County and National levels of Humanist views, concerns and campaigns.

To promote ethical humanist values, above and beyond atheism and rationalism.

To represent the Humanist philosophy to the world with the intention of playing its own part in helping to make a better world for all.


To establish Humanistically Speaking as the premier online Humanist magazine of its kind in the UK.

To establish Humanistically Speaking as a fully self-funding and professional news magazine that is trusted and respected by all for its integrity and reliability.

To serve Humanist causes throughout the world and wherever possible, particularly where Humanists – and

non-Humanists are threatened by discrimination, abuse, imprisonment, intimidation, or other persecution.

To link up with other similar organisations throughout the world, including Humanists International, in order to help marshal and sustain worldwide campaigns.

To actively support appropriate charitable causes in defence of freedom of speech, and freedom of thought.

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