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World Humanist Congress Photo Gallery

Photos by David Warden (unless captioned otherwise), Copenhagen, August 3rd - 6th, 2023

David Warden advertising Humanistically Speaking. Photo by Arnfinn Pettersen from the Norwegian Humanist Association.

The World Humanist Congress Gala Dinner raised more than £3,500 for Humanists International's Protect Humanists at Risk project. In many parts of the world, humanists, atheists and other non-religious people are routinely persecuted for their beliefs. Please follow the link and donate to this vitally important project if you can. Thank you.

Gala Dinner at the World Humanist Congress
A gathering next to the Planetarium, Copenhagen

Main Hall gathering

With Leo Horowitz from Utrecht

Liviu Taran, Norwegian Humanists

Robert Hamilton, Street Epistemology International, Texas

Roslyn Mould (Vice-President of Humanists International), Wonderful Mkhutche (Humanists Malawi), and Mike Flood (Milton Keynes Humanists). Photo by Arnfinn Pettersen from the Norwegian Humanist Association.

Humanist Choir from Norway. They sang a fantastic version of John Lennon's 'Imagine'.

With Andreas Kyriacou from Freethinkers of Switzerland

Ariel Pontes from Romania (originally from Brazil)

With Levi Fragell, President of Humanists International 1998–2003. The last time I met him was at Conway Hall in London, 2009.

Rasmus from Denmark

Drinks reception in City Hall, Copenhagen

A selection of slogans: I like people who like people; Found the Future, End Witch Hunts in Africa

Javan Lev Poblador (Philippines) Young Humanists International Co-ordinator

Bolelang Rakeepile (Advocacy for Alleged Witches - South Africa), Wonderful Mkhutche (Humanists Malawi), and Roslyn Mould (Humanist Association of Ghana and Vice-President of Humanists International)

Leo Igwe and a selection of Critical Thinking workbooks for schools in Nigeria

Nicole Shasha and Rebekka Hill, young humanists from the UK

Proudly wearing the same shirt as Dooyum to support Advocacy for Alleged Witches - above and below

Photo on left by Pavel Storozhuk, Norwegian Humanist Association. Photo on right by David Warden.

David Warden with Fraser Sutherland, CEO of Humanists Scotland

Humanist-themed body art by artist Victoria Guggenheim

Andrew Copson (President of Humanists International) and Jiri Muller (Czech Humanists) Photo: David Warden

Gary McLelland (CEO of Humanists International), Debbie Goddard (vice president of programs at American Atheists), David Warden (Editor of Humanistically Speaking). Photo: David Warden

Humanists International Board Members: Andrew Copson (President), Leo Igwe (Nigeria), and Aspara Karki (Society of Humanism, Nepal) Photo: David Warden

David Warden with Marco (from Madrid)

Canal view, Copenhagen

Sculpture, Copenhagen

Humanistically Speaking leaflets. Photo by Arnfinn Pettersen from the Norwegian Humanist Association .

Happy Human symbol

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