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Poet's Corner: A Secular National Anthem

By John Dowdle

John is President of the Watford Area Humanist Group. He is a retired lecturer in politics and business.

This month, Humanistically Speaking loyal reader John Dowdle shares with us his secular lyrics to the tune of our national anthem, God Save The King. Questions over the legitimacy of the monarchy often revolve around cost and democratic accountability, but we often forget the whole concept rests on a religious notion that one particular blood line is divinely selected for authority. Isn't it time to reflect modern Britain's secular values and replace, if not the whole system, at least the national anthem with something more inclusive?

We love Humanity

Freedom and Liberty

Peace in our World. We know it cannot be

Peace in one territory

It will just have to be

All around our world.

Sometimes we stop and ask

Why life seems such a task

How to be free? Save us from politics

And from religious tricks

We must all try to fix

Freedom for all.

One day we hope to find

A better humankind

A great green world. Love is our rousing cry

And we will always try

To sing out loud and bold

We love our World!

We also asked ChatGPT to have a go, but it failed to come anywhere near to a version that could be sung to the tune of the current national anthem!

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