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On the BBC: Faith to Faithless helpline and CofE involvement in the slave trade

Updated: Apr 21

On 10th March, BBC's Radio 4 programme Sunday ran an interesting item on the new Faith to Faithless helpline for people leaving high control religions and cults. There was an interview with Terri O'Sullivan, Apostate Services Development Manager. The item begins here at 19.01.

Later in the same programme there was also an item on whether the Church of England should apologise for its historic involvement in the slave trade (30.30). According to a new independent report commissioned by the Church Commissioners, the £100m set aside for investing in black-led businesses and providing grants is insufficient and a fund with a target of £1bn should be set up instead.

Then on  the BBC 1 show Sunday Morning Live there was an extremely animated discussion on the same subject (01.55).

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Valerie Mainstone
Valerie Mainstone
Apr 01

Let's not forget that slave-owners were very generously compensated when their slaves were freed, and the government's debt was only paid off quite recently. Meanwhile, the slaves themselves received no compensation whatsoever!

The huge compensation received by former slave-owners made them rich, and for single ladies (in Hove, for example) this meant that they were not obliged to get married. The consequence of this was that these ladies (and their mostly female domestic staff) outnumbered men in Hove, whereas men outnumbered women in neighbouring Portslade, where there were a number of industrial workshops and factories, mostly employing men.

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