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Know your destination: goals for humanity

By Aaron, our Design and Layout Editor

A true 'Power Person' leads people in a positive direction, but should they strive to do more than that? Leading people is one thing, but could they be leading humanity? And instead of shaping the here and now could they shape our future? Aaron has an avid interest in government, politics, and power so he dived straight in and came up with a visionary wish-list for the future of humanity.

I believe that humanity could benefit from having an ideal vision and a roadmap to where we want to be as a species. The United Nations' 17 Global Goals go some way to addressing this, but being the modest person that I am, I thought I would have a go at creating a humanist vision and outline roadmap for the whole of humanity. I was partly inspired by the Future of Humanism Group chaired by Mike Flood (chair of Milton Keynes Humanists) and their aspiration to champion causes of existential concern. I'm going to suggest some 'final destinations' in this article and I've broken it down into three levels: Individual, Society, and Global. But these are just my ideas. Why not send yours to us for our readers to consider?


  • Humanity living happy, productive and contented lives

  • Everyone employed in a job in which they feel useful and productive

  • Citizens contributing to the society in which they live

  • Everyone having enough affordable, healthy, enjoyable food to eat

  • Everyone having affordable clean running water and waste disposal


  • Waste reaching a 100%+ recycling rate with zero landfill

  • Energy created 100% by green sources

  • Housing being thermal dynamic in heat retention and cooling

  • Roads with entirely electric/hydrogen/ green vehicles

  • Efficient and affordable lab/industrial grown meat replacing animal slaughter

  • Society-driven rehabilitation units to replace/enhance prisons

  • Free education to all levels, including further and adult learning

  • A single-source, secure national ID card for multiple uses

  • Quick and easy biometric security at borders - scan and walk through

  • Racism a thing of the past

  • Prejudice eradicated as a destructive trait

  • A globally-agreed asylum quota system

  • All states secular by default - religious faith is personal not national


  • A global security force (under the control of the UN?) that tackles all conflicts

  • A resource-based society and the eradication of money?

  • More machines/robots doing jobs people don't enjoy

  • Aircraft and shipping utilising only green fuels

  • Planetary atmospheric cleansers to remove excess CO2

A firm and strong idea of what 'arrived' looks like will help us to set the correct trajectory to get there. I often feel that governments produce directives based on what can be afforded. This means that the vision of where we're really headed is lacking, but it avoids disappointing voters when we don't arrive at the destination inside each five-year parliamentary window. Can humanity embark on a journey we may never see realised? A destination could be ninety years away, or three hundred years, but should we still not strive for that? Is this what's holding us back on climate change? The fact that those in government today are unlikely to see London underwater in the distant future could be the reason why they are reluctant to take money from schools and hospitals now to help keep people safe in fifty to a hundred years' time. None of us is here forever, and none of us will live long enough to witness a peaceful global civilization with my visionary list complete. We're all runners in a relay race, contributing our little bit to the history of humankind, and hoping that the next generation will take the baton from us and run with it towards humanity's final destination. Have I missed anything? What else should humanity be striving for?

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