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David Warden


We're delighted that Professor Robin Dunbar has written an article for us this month,

following his appearance at the Humanists UK Convention in Liverpool. Robin's books on evolution, friendship, and religion are research-based and extremely enlightening. His article on social bonding, and his challenge to humanism, inspired me to write an article about humanist groups and how they can generate some of the endorphin responses which are necessary to promote social bonding.

I'm also very grateful to Dr Karen Blakeley for contributing a new introduction to her book Leading with Love: Rehumanising the Workplace. I've thought for a long time that we need humanist values in organisations to make them more democratic, more humane, more truthful, and more supportive of our wellbeing.

Our main theme this month is relationships and we've included some fascinating articles on monogamy, polygamy, relationships in fiction, and even our relationship with silicon. I hope you will agree that our regular contributors and guest writers have done another excellent job in tackling our chosen topic from a wide variety of perspectives.

If you like our articles, please share them on social media. Humanistically Speaking is a volunteer-produced, grassroots humanist magazine and we'd love to reach as many people as possible. Thank you for your support! And we hope to see you in Copenhagen at the World Humanist Congress. Do come and say hello to me and Anthony.

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