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Woman, Life, Freedom Charter

The Woman, Life, Freedom Charter is calling for the creation of a free, equal, prosperous and secular society in Iran. A society where all human beings enjoy full freedom and equality. A society where there is no discrimination, censorship and repression.

The Charter includes the following demands:

1. Equality for all, irrespective of sex, race, ethnicity, sexuality, ability and geographical and social status. A ban on discrimination against people, including migrants and refugees.

2. Full rights for women and LGBT, including equality under the law, reproductive rights, access to contraceptives, free and consensual adult sexual relations, right to cohabitation, marriage and divorce.

3. Unconditional freedom of speech, thought, expression, conscience and criticism. The full right of all people to form organisations, parties, associations, unions and groups without government interference. Freedom to protest and strike.

4. Abolition of the death penalty, stoning, torture and all inhuman and degrading punishment.

5. Equal rights for all children, whether born in or outside marriage and free medical, educational and cultural allowances and services for children and youth regardless of family circumstances.

6. Complete separation of religion from the state, judiciary and education. Religion and atheism as a private matter. An end to Sharia law and discriminatory practices, including compulsory veiling, sex apartheid, temporary marriage, polygamy, ‘honour’-related crimes and child marriage.

7. Freedom of press and media and an end to restrictions on communications, including the Internet, telephone and satellite television programmes.

8. Social welfare, including a living minimum wage, equal pay for women and men, free and universal education and health care, right to pension, annual leave, unemployment benefits and job security in all fields, both public and private.

9. Renewal and preservation of the environment and a ban on violence against animals.

10. The right to a fair and independent trial, prohibition of a judicial system based on vengeance, recognition of a person's innocence until proven guilty. Prosecution and public trial of leaders and officials of the Islamic regime of Iran.

11. Free and fair elections. The right of all citizens to be elected at all levels. The establishment of a political structure based on direct and continuous involvement of the people in the matter of governance.

12. The future government of Iran is the matter of the people themselves without the interference of foreign governments. We want an Iran without nuclear weapons and energy.

The Charter calls for a People’s Congress to incorporate people’s demands so that the Charter becomes a common programme enshrining the hopes and aspirations of all people in a free Iran.

For more information, contact Maryam Namazie at

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Mar 18, 2023

Is it just a dream that the Iranian government submit for people demands?

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