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Poet's Corner

By Alex Williams

Alex is from Watford in the UK and he's a writer, teacher, singer and published poet.

It’s All Us

Religions are not the problem.

They are nothing

But human made constructs.

They are illusions we invent

Propagate and abandon

Codify and customise.

We elect or appoint their leaders

Submit to their authority

Monitor, punish and reward

Their followers and dissenters.

We are the problem.

We humans who pollute and poach

Slaughter and decimate

Over-produce, over-consume, over and over,

Allowing all the ravages of poverty and inequality

To rage on unabated

While a surfeit of global resources

Lies idle in the coffers of those

Who believe whatever they believe.

We create and destroy

With myriad motivations:

Politics, preaching,

Love, loathing,

Greed, god:

But it’s all us.

Human is as human does.

Human is him.

Human is her.

Human is us.

Alex Williams is a writer, teacher and singer from Watford. His collection of poems Secular Verses is published and available on Amazon. Click the link and help support his great work. Details of his previous books can be found at

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