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Poet's Corner

By Alex Williams

Alex is a writer, teacher and singer from Watford.

Son of Ham

A son of Ham, well I’ve read

Fredrick Douglass where he said:

Our condition tends to worsen

When our masters start bible versing

Christian teachings justify

Slavery, and here’s why:

Slaves are all Children of Ham

We’re being punished for his crime

Ham was Noah’s second son

Of all those children, he’s the one

Who reared a son, Canaan by name,

Who saw Noah’s nakedness, and for that shame

Cursed his father and all his line

To be servants of servants for all time.

The profit-hungry master race

Used this tale to keep slavery in place

While tender-hearted congregants still

Supported slavery as god’s will

For every pulpit in the nation

Preached this tale of Ham’s damnation.

Till gentle folk would maim and kill

Convinced their cruelty was god’s will.

A child of Windrush, well I’ve read

Steven Weinberg where he said:

“With or without religion,

Good people can behave well

And bad people can do evil.

But for good people to do evil-

That takes religion.”

Alex Williams is a writer, teacher and singer from Watford. His collection of poems Secular Verses is published and available on Amazon. Click the link and help support his great work. Details of his previous books can be found at

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