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New video about humanism launched

Humanists UK has launched a new video as part of their educational series. This one is aimed at a younger audience, and it's very impressive. Incorporating their line doodle graphic, as used in their joined-up branding approach, the whole 'journey of life' is very well captured. It's explained clearly and concisely, and provides a few pointers to practical humanism such as promoting human rights and helping others, even if they are on other side of the world.

Reaching younger members has always been a challenge. By its very nature, humanism can appear to be a 'deep thinking' philosophy, a dimension of life one may stride into in older years once the pressures of everyday existence allow more time to reflect on things. Humanistically Speaking fully supports any approach that helps connect with younger people, and which promotes an alternative to religious faith in a fair and considered manner.

Click the image below to explore this on the Humanists UK website...

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