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HumSpeak Demographics

By Aaron the Humanist

A lover of all things statistical such as charts and graphic illustrations, Aaron was the ideal candidate to create this report about our team. Aaron is our Layout and Design editor, among other roles.

Here at Humanistically Speaking (HumSpeak for short) we like to pride ourselves on being a diverse team of people with different opinions, backgrounds, sexualities, cultures and nationalities, so that we are not delivering the same uniform 'humanist' opinion on any given issue. Clearly, as humanists, we share common values, but beyond that we do approach things from a wide variety of angles and perspectives. This, we hope, results in a varied and interesting offering each month.

The demographics of our team, at-a-glance

Of course we don't stop there. In addition to our core group of fourteen editors, writers and support team members, we have a line-up of semi-regular guest writers, and we frequently publish articles from others, especially when they have special insights about the theme for the month. The graphs only represent our core team.

Over the three years of our operation we have also had three more females, two of whom were younger students, who had to leave due to time constraints and commitments. We are open to being approached by anyone wishing to join our regular writing team, especially from younger cohorts to balance up our age demographic.

Editorial and writing team as of year end 2022

Our team spans the full width of the political compass, with a lot of overlap. We listen to each other's arguments, and have in the past been convinced, swayed and changed our opinion on certain things. Among our humanist groups, we have even held mock elections.

Core Values

For anyone brand new to humanism who has landed on our page, we've created a guide which explores the common threads among many humanists. This booklet, created by us, combines the efforts, thoughts, imaginations and wisdom of a great many humanists over the years, and we condense it into the common core elements. It is free to download, just click image.

This is revision one, and a second revision is on the cards for publication soon.

If you like what we do, then please subscribe to our site and ideally help us by donating here as we are entirely supported by donations from people like you.

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