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Humanists UK to articulate humanist views on AI and other contemporary issues and challenges

On 14th December 2022, Humanists UK published an article by Liam Whitton (image left), their Director of Communications and Development, on the ethical challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI). Liam wrote that '...the recent period of exponential advancement in AI technology throws up a great number of ethical challenges and questions which will fall to policymakers and citizens to get to grips with'. He added that 'Humanists need to take an active role in helping publicly articulate the values and principles that will shape that process of stewardship, both in the UK and internationally. These are, after all, technologies that will touch the lives of every human being on Earth for generations to come. As time goes on, AI will almost certainly open up new ethical dilemmas, and humanist thought will need to encompass these new realms and open up new discussions about sentience, intelligence, and rights.' In the coming year, Humanists UK will be publishing more articles and stories of this nature which will aim to articulate humanist views on contemporary issues and challenges.

Assistant Editor David Warden said that the Future of Humanism Group, of which he is a member, was formed in 2022 to put pressure on humanist organisations to play a greater role in shaping humanist responses to contemporary threats and challenges such as AI. This timely article by Liam Whitton, and the promise of more to come in 2023, has been welcomed as 'good news' in group communications.

Liam's full article is here:

The time has come: humanists must define the values that will underpin our AI future

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