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David Brittain introduces our exciting new format

Welcome to the January issue of Humanistically Speaking and our brand new format. At our annual conference in July, we made the decision to move with the times by saying a fond farewell to our PDF format and re-launching our humanist magazine as a fully digital offering. It's early days and we're still learning. But we hope you like our new style. Whether you do, or not, we always love to hear from you so do drop me a line at and tell me what you think.

2022 has been a terrible year in many respects: the stabbing of Sir Salman Rushdie, the 24-year prison term handed down to Mubarak Bala, President of the Humanist Association of Nigeria, and the brutal invasion of Ukraine to mention just three events which have scarred the year. How can humanists sustain any optimism about the common future of humanity? A year ago, Henri Ruff gave a talk to Dorset Humanists about 'the Common Good'. We thought it would be a good idea to explore this topic as we head into the uncharted waters of 2023.

Humanism has always aspired to a world in which 'the Common Good' can be realised for the benefit of everyone. But it's an elusive concept. Our editors and writers have put their thinking caps on and tackled it from a rich variety of angles. We're particularly honoured this month to welcome Emeritus Professor Richard Norman, a patron of Humanists UK, as one of our contributors.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this month's great content brought to you by our dedicated team of volunteers.

David Brittain

Executive Editor

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