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Help fund us

Our magazine is free, as we want it to have a wide reach and not be limited by affordability. However, we do have costs to cover, this website being one, plus we have other projects that we would like to participate in.

We are encouraging people to donate from £1 per month via a Direct Debit, so that we have a regular income stream to help fund these projects. Of course we are just starting our activities in the projects area, our reach continuing to be cramped by the Covid pandemic, so we would very much welcome some large donations to help get us started. 

Where do we incur our costs?

  • Values booklet - we want to place this in prisons, hospitals, colleges and universities witihn our network

  • Technology upgrades - our volunteers are in desperate need of upgraded technology to support creation of this magazine

  • Website costs - to facilitate our reach we are using both social media and a dedicated website

  • Assisting in the future growth of Humanist groups

  • Prize giveaways.

Donate by bank direct debit

You can set up a direct debit donation to Humanistically Speaking using this form. If you would prefer to use a paper form, you can download one here. This online form will always set up a regular contribution.

Contribution amount

Frequency of contribution

Donation details

First Name

Last Name



This should be the billing address for the account from which you wish your Direct Debit to be taken from

City / Town



Direct Debit

You should not continue with this form if any of the following apply:

  • You are not the account holder

  • If it is a business and more than one person is required to authorise debits on this account

Account Holder

Should be no more than 18 characters. Should not include punctuation (e.g. O'Callaghan should be OCallaghan), spaces are permitted.

First initial and surname is valid (e.g. D Watson).

Bank Account Number

The account number must consist of 8 digits only

(e.g. 12345678).

Sort Code

Enter 6 digits only (e.g. a Sort Code of 20-45-67 should be entered as 204567).


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