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Affiliation request

Humanistically Speaking began life in the south of England, with an initial readership drawn from the membership of Humanist groups located within this part of the UK.


However, the magazine aims to serve all Humanist groups in equal measure, wherever they are located in the world. If you are an officer/organiser of your group, you can apply for group affiliation status, and have your listing details published here. 

Please complete the following questions below, and we will arrange for your organisation to be added to this list. Where we receive your request earlier than mid-month, your listing should be visible in the next edition of the magazine.  There is no charge for affiliation. 








Do you have any status with Humanists UK (for example, are you partnered or parented)?

How many members do you have?

What would be the size of your expected circulation for the magazine?

Your contact email address for correspondence

Information to be displayed on the listing page

Your enquiry email address

Details of where you meet (in the format of a link to a web page)

If you require more than four entries please append this additional data in the last 'Other link' field

Your group's website address

Please check any highlighted fields above and correct these entries

Thank you for your affiliation request - we will be in touch shortly

The name of your group

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